made me cry, well baby, i was
         in love with another guy. simply                                                           
         because you have no clazs, and
         all you can do is; kiss my ass.
         you told your homies, you played'
         me like a bitch, i told my girls,
         that you have a little dick.. well
         baby'boy, i'm still not in love with
         you, so guess what? motherfucker 
         i played' you too


»BARBiE Henrietté            

                                                                            Hun er ikk født prinsesse
                                                                           Passer bare.naughty

 » Hendes øjne hypnotiserede, &' Hendes smil imponerede!naughty herz naughty


»Navn;Henrietté Jensén.
»Alder;spørg snut ;D
»Fik jeg tilføjet hun er ung&single?Smiley
-Inderst inde er hun som alle jer añdre, hun gider bare ik tæñke de samme tanker!