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06-11-2009 kl. 20:34:28
Michael Jackson ....
The most talented man who has lived on this earth and I am a total proud to have lived at the same time with him. He had a voice like an angel & the sweetest & charming personality you can imagine. I wish I had met him, I wish I had talked with him, I wish I had a chance, that's my biggest dream & desire. what I love about Mike is that he would share it with us and make the worlds a better place, he would show us his world and how life can be. my god, how I wish that I was exactly like him!
-And what this man has not experienced, and what a life, but it is terrible that some would accuse such a sweet person to be a childmolester, it is just to cry about, and the most strange & terrible is that people believed in so, hello? I believe MICHAEL JACKSON Childmolester ? if you believe you may then believe at the toothfairy! I get sick in the head by just thinking about it. Poor guy
But mike? you are with angels & god know. enjoy ya time in heaven looking at us :D

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